How do you defeat negative thought patterns?


negthinkingI defeat them by using my wall of affirmations.  How do you defeat negative thought patterns?

There are days you feel great, you feel you are on top of the world and then there are days you feel like your down in the dumps.  There are times in your life when you need to encourage yourself when things, situations and/or people are discouraging.  There are many different ways to defeat negative thoughts but in this blog I will mention only one.  Which is My wall of Affirmations!

So I decided to build my own wall of Affirmations.  I will celebrate myself and remind myself who I AM!  I will not allow other people’s perception of me alter or disregard my perception of me and how my heavenly father sees me.  Every morning when I rise, I look to my wall and read every post it note and add new ones daily.  My 5 year old daughter likes to add hers as well but they never seem to make it on the wall.  I find them all over my bedside table. 🙂

Don’t be moved by how you feel or where you are.  Keep your eyes on the joy that is set before you.  That’s how Jesus did it.  For the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross.  He was able to bare the crucifixion knowing the outcome would produce a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

What keeps you motivated every day?  What drives you to continue to run the race despite adverse circumstances?
You must have a Strong WHY!  A strong WHY is a great joy that when you think on it you are provoked to get up a little earlier, sleep a little later, try a little harder, and dig a little deeper.
Remember the race is not given to the swift but to the one that endures!
It’s okay to be a turtle in this case and not the rabbit.  The turtle stayed consistent, focused and steadfast, even though it looked like the loud talking rabbit was succeeding, the rabbit in reality, was all hype.  It was a smoke screen.
No one enlists in the army and expect it to be a bed of roses.  You will face hardships but take it like a good soldier!  God is on your side!

I have added to my wall since publishing this blog and I will continue to add when needed.

What does your wall of Affirmations say?  Do you have one yet?
How do you combat the aliens of negative thoughts?
Comment below.

Mari Benning :-*

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