When, Lord, when?! We get so caught up…Read more…

We get so caught up sometimes wanting to be great and do great things that we Overlook the everyday important things. Not realizing that the things we do on a daily basis, even the most seemingly insignificant things contribute to our future. We are not enjoying life because we are running to catch the Rabbit in the race. These moments can cause frustration, loss, depression, a sense of worthlessness, a sense of an un-accomplishment, feeling like we are not doing enough at this present time. These thoughts cause a chain reaction and our feelings or emotions now become affected. This can also cause an overload in our brain which depletes our energy because we’re focusing on negative things now instead of positive ones. We’ve lost our vision, we’ve lost our way and we need to refocus. Then obviously this leads to a feeling of wanting to give up and give in to our current circumstances yet we know we are above them. But at the same time we may feel overwhelmed, drowning in the sea of negativity.
How do we find our way back to a strong positive mental attitude? When will we see the light at the end of the tunnel? When will the realization of our dreams occur? When does that happen on our time line? These are questions we become bombarded with when we are in this rut. As the saying goes, “so much to do so little time.”
I can relate to the Rabbit from the movie Alice in Wonderland, who says,

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

“When Lord, when?” we ask ourselves. What am I supposed to be doing at this very moment, at this point in my life? Have I missed the ball? Have I missed my opportunity? We even begin to question our very existence as we sense time is running out. The clock is now our enemy because the older we get, we seem to feel that those dreams we had as a child must no longer be possible cause surely they would have happened by now! Time is no longer on our side and the odds are definitely Not in our favor. Now we’re under great pressure to perform. These are times when, as the saying goes, “the rubber meets the road”.
You must remember that everything negative in life has an expiration date. Every bad situation will not last forever. We will overcome them sooner than later. So do not waste your time or energy on that but focus that time and energy on the good in your life. We must remember who we are, what we are capable of accomplishing and what we are capable of creating. Remembering that we are like our heavenly father in which we are creators, inventors, we are royalty, and ambassadors of a Heavenly Realm. Knowing this, that we are speaking Spirits just like the first one (God)! That whatever we say it is established and backed up by Heaven. And it will accomplish what we set it out to do.
We must also come to completely trust God. I mean truly trust Him, His process and His plan because His plan is perfect anyway. Not to say that God is causing all hell to break out in our life but trust that He sees, knows and has made a way of escape. Even the worst of parents at times go out of their way to help their stubborn, wayward children out of trouble. Trouble they know the children got themselves into. Yet they still try and help them get out of it. Well God is not like us, he’s an even greater parent, He’s not an absentee father. If us as human parents do our best to help our children, how much more will God? God is always thinking about you! He’s never disappointed, He just keeps giving us opportunities to get it right. You may have missed the mark plenty of times before but God is a God of many chances. He delights in mercy more than judgement. So don’t be so hard on yourself. You fell down but don’t stay there. Get up, dust yourself off and keep it moving! Keep looking for the light because it’s there.
Don’t allow your mind to trick you into thinking you’re the victim when you are the Victorious One.
P.S. Love is the greatest motivator! People do amazing things for Love. Let love be your driving force for why you do what you do. It’s not too late, it’s never too late! God is a redeemer of the time you think has been lost. Keep your hope alive fueled by love, enjoy the journey and trust! God has the final say!

Happy Planning,
Mari Benning

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