Do you understand the power of the words that are coming out of your mouth? Do you realize what you are saying?

Your WordsYour words have the power to unleash good or bad, the power to build up or tear down, the power of death or life, the power of encouragement or defeat. Etc, etc, etc. Not only are your words powerful but they have creative ability.  Ever heard the saying, “your world is framed by your words”, well it’s true. You have the power to create your world with your words.  When your heart is attached to your words it makes tremendous power available, that’s why it is crucial for us to be mindful what we allow to come out of our mouth. Think before you speak.  A wise man measures his words before he speaks.  I used to get aggravated when my husband would not respond quickly during our conversations or when requests were being made particularly by me. 🙂  But I realized after observing him that he calculates his words. When he eventually speaks it makes sense. I was the hothead whose words would fly off the handle.  Speaking of…

I remember a time not too long after we relocated to Florida from another state and me trying to adjust to new acquaintances, a new lifestyle, a new city and a new group of people, with no familiarity in sight.  Not to mention a new environment which I must say was not a hard one for me seeing I moved away from a very cold, snow infested state yielding below zero temperatures for the majority of the year.  I had just started a new job with a reputable company and I was excited to be out of the depressing, lifeless apartment whose walls seemed to be closing in on me.  I was social again, able to communicate with adults.  A big difference from trying to get a two-year-old to relate to my feelings who had no clue.  Ha-ha.  I felt hopeful as I was beginning an exciting and successful chapter in my life.  I had goals and I was ready!  Nothing was going to stop me!  Forgot to mention a very important fact, we needed extra income to assist with the rising household demands.  Lo and behold to my surprise, I found out two weeks into my new position I was pregnant with our second child.  Seemed like someone took my wall of dreams and knocked it right to the ground.  I was experiencing a turning point in my life at the time and felt this was wrong timing and completely unexpected.  Needless to say, I felt angry and resentful but I was determined that I was going to still work all the way through my pregnancy no matter what!  I wasn’t going to let my situation hinder my progress, and by my situation I meant my pregnancy, at least that was my mindset at the time.  That’s a whole other story to be discussed at a later time.  (to be continued…)

I must tell you, though, I hid my pregnancy from my boss for the first three months to avoid getting fired prior to my ninety-day evaluation. It was tough, I was tired a lot, my clothes were not fitting as they should and I was tending to my first son and husband every night after a long twelve-hour shift.  Did I mention that we had one car, my husband worked one hour away from where we were residing and I had to drive everyone to their destination in order to get to work since my shift hours were the longest between the two of us.  All of this during my first trimester of pregnancy.  Safe to say I was quite stressed.  This all came to a screeching halt when I arrived home one night, exhausted from work, my pregnancy, and traveling.  Frustration towards my husband and whining son broke the camels back and I yelled out from the small kitchen in our apartment, “I wish I was never pregnant!”  And I meant it!  I resented the fact that I had to endure all these struggles when all I was trying to do was better our financial picture.  I was fed up and needed relief fast.  I would never have imagined what happened next.  A few days later I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my GYN that turned into a rush to the hospital.  My doctor had informed me that the tightness I was feeling that day were actually contractions and that I was in active labor being only five months pregnant.  My heart dropped when she informed me I was also dilated one centimeter realizing that my unborn baby weighed maybe a pound and would not survive if he was to be born that day.  Tears swelled up in my eyes as I looked with fear at the doctor as she says to me, “don’t worry, it’s going to be fine.”  As I walked down the hall about to be taken to the hospital my mind relapsed the words I spoke just a few days earlier, “I wish I was never pregnant!”  I was convicted and afraid!  I heard the Holy Spirit say, “satan came for your words”.  I immediately asked God to forgive me for what I had said and confessed that my child would not be taken from me!  I began to pray inwardly all the way to the hospital bed.  I gave my enemy permission to steal from me because of my confession.  A confession I did not realize would come true. There is a spiritual force that carries out every word that we speak.  We have the choice to determine what side of the coin that will be.  I ignorantly chose death but God is faithful to forgive us and I was able to reverse what was declared.  From that day I realized how powerful our words are.  I did continue my term with the help of God and medicine and my son was born only two weeks early rather than four months.  There are more positive examples I can share with you but that would be a long book.  Maybe I will share them soon.  But this example shows how your words employ the supernatural.  In this case, I employed the wrong spiritual force but after changing my confession I was able to give birth to a rather healthy bouncing baby boy weighing in at seven pound and sixteen ounces.

So take charge of your destiny and employ the supernatural with the power of your words.  Positive words.  Don’t complain about the situation but speak what you desire to manifest in your life.  Watch those things you decree & declare will begin showing up sooner than later.  It doesn’t take long, it’s only a matter of reversing the negative reactions with positive ones and once you master that skill and understand the power of your words, you will share in the good life God ordained for you to have.

Remember we were created in God’s image and likeness.  As He is so are we in this world.  Therefore, if He created our world so can we!


Mari B @iamvirtuosa

Unleash Your Divine Design

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