A sure-fire way to organize your day!

planner How do you accomplish all that you need to accomplish? Get organized! Here’s a sure-fire way to organize your day!

Make a list of your daily “To Do’s” the night before.  If you don’t make a list of things you must do, you will forget to do the things you really need to do.

Don’t believe me?

Have you ever had to buy groceries and forgot your list at home?  Or better yet, you knew what you needed to buy but never wrote those things down and when you were at the store you couldn’t remember everything you needed to buy.  Then you probably bought unnecessary items that you wouldn’t have if you had a list.  Did you actually think you could remember everything you needed to buy without a list?  It’s too much information to store.  You have so many things distracting you throughout the day.
Having a list will keep you focused and on track.  You must prioritize your day with a to do list, a task list or a goals list.  This way if someone tries to add their to do’s to your day you have the choice of whether to stick with your list which coincides with what your current tasks or goals are or follow their to do which will probably deter you from completing your tasks.
Though you may not be able to complete all tasks on your list for that day you at least have a blueprint of where you need to go that day.  The things you were unable to do carry over to the next day.

Benefits of having a List:

  • Less stress.  You know what you need to do and who you need to delegate to.
  • Better sleep.  You have emptied everything you need to do onto paper. So no worries about what you need to do the next day, it’s all written down.
  • More energy.  You have a plan of action and once you finish 1 task on the list you energize yourself to want to do more.
  • Happier.  You have a sense of accomplishment which gives you hope which gives you joy.
  • More productive.  Your projects are getting done at a faster pace because you have a navigation system in place.
  • Organized.  Your day is not chaotic. You know exactly what needs to get done and when.
  • More Focused.  You can focus on your priorities first and zone in on the most important things, not so much the urgent things.  EVERYthing is NOT the most important thing.
Curses of NOT having a List:
  • The opposite of all of the above!
What is your daily productivity tool?  I have been using The Dream Catcher pictured at the right.Dream catcher (2)  I must say it’s been a real help for me!  I have searched and searched for the right calendar/organizer/planner and never found one to fit the bill quite right Until now!  I decided to partner with a friend of mine and we designed The Entrepreneurs Dream Catcher!  Everything you need to stay focused in one place.  From daily tasks to business/personal projects, from monthly calendars to goal-setting sheets, from shopping lists to note taking.
As they say at Prego, “It’s in there!”  Everything you need in one notebook, not scattered all over in different calendars, planners or notebooks throughout the house.  It’s your go to productivity tool.
Do you need help organizing your day?  Your Year?  Your life?  Get focused and order your Dream Catcher today!
Happy Planning,
Mari Benning


2 thoughts on “A sure-fire way to organize your day!

  1. homegeekconsultant says:

    Thanks for the advice – I will have a look at this book that I didnt know til now.

    At the moment I am reading “the power of less” by Leo Babauta – very inspiring as well 😉

    Hope to see you on my blog as well soon 🙂


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