Self-check: Are you showing symptoms of Discouragement?

Have you had a checkup lately?  Do you suffer from the disease called “Discouragement-itis”?  Time to find out.  The symptoms of Discouragement are;

– Depression
When you have no energy and don’t look forward to the next day. You become lazy and don’t have the will to do anything. Sometimes you oversleep to try and sleep away your problems.  

– Procrastination
You keep telling yourself that you will do it tomorrow or the next day. You find excuses why you can’t do what you need to do today.

– Self destructive patterns
You find yourself constantly broke because you don’t manage money properly or you are waking up next to the one who is married to someone other than you or not married at all! You are your own worst critic constantly beating yourself over the head because you feel undeserving.

You stay up late or wake up in the middle of the night worrying about bills, situations or things. You barely get any sleep if you do.

– Exhaustion
You are always fatigued because you barely get any rest.  You feel overwhelmed constantly even over the smallest things. You lose all creativity and production.

You are constantly worried and fearful about things.

You don’t pray anymore. You either feel that you don’t have the time or you can handle the situation yourself.

-Rejecting of the word or No tolerance for the word of God
You don’t read your bible anymore because you feel convicted about not doing it and you don’t see the word you already know working yet. You already know and quote the scriptures by heart. You get antsy in church service because you want to go home especially if they are speaking on a subject that makes you uncomfortable. You even reject the taught word because of unbelief in your heart.

-No discipline: constantly seeking amusement
You get easily distracted by social media or video games to get your mind off of your problems. You dont have any goals, routines, organization or stability. You would rather watch someone else live their vision on TV than work on your own visions and dreams. You are always late to work or important events. Your priorities are out of wack.

You constantly shut people out or try to leave events before others to not be seen. You feel uou can handle your problems alone. You believe no one will understand what you are going through. You don’t answer your phone or go out with your friends when you are discouraged.

-Fear of loneliness
You take rejection harshly because you want to be accepted, or you want your ideas to be accepted. Then if you or your ideas are tempted to get rejected you shut down and retract yourself and/or your ideas.

We all have found ourselves with some if not all of these symptoms at one point or another. But what do you do about it?
Do you stay in the slump? No, get up, get out and do something! Do a checkup from the neck up.  Shake yourself from the chains of Discouragement. Do the opposite of all those symptoms and create new habits of courage.  Be strong and very courageous because God has good plans for you, plans to give you a hope and a great future!

What do you do to remedy those symptoms of Discouragement?
Comment below!

Happy Planning,
Mari Benning 

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