Don’t let go now, you’re too close…

Never let go of your dreams!  No retreat, no surrender!

Fear & Faith cannot share the same space. They are opposites.  You either believe in the positives and have hope in the good or you are believing the negatives and have hope in the bad.  Not that you are wishing for the bad things to come upon you but you are dwelling more on them than the good.
Whatever you intently focus on is what you eventually become.

What is occupying your thoughts?

If you are battling for your health and you constantly dwell on the pain or sickness and deep within you fear the worst.  You are not going to get well.
If you are battling for your finances but you are constantly swayed by the overwhelming bills and debt and deep within you fear you will never get out. You won’t!
If you are battling for your marriage, your children, your job, your business and are dwelling on all the things contrary to their success they won’t succeed.
A wise woman builds her house with her words. BUT! A foolish one tears it down with that same tongue.

What do you really believe?

What did God promise you? You must remember what God has promised to you as His child and remember how He brought you out many times before.  God makes good on His promises.  If he said it, you can take it to the bank.  In other words he does not take back what he says, ever.  Nor does he make regrets on what he said.  Nothing God says will ever boomerang back to him without first accomplishing what it was set out to do.  You just have to make sure you don’t cause the interception with your negative thoughts and words.  Hold onto your faith and His word, keep hope alive and walk confidently knowing God loves you.
He will never let you down! But you will let yourself down if you don’t change your words!
God cannot override the order he set into motion. He put us in charge. We must speak what we desire to see in our lives.

“Has not God given every man a capital to start with!” Orison S Marden

God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind.
Therefore, Do Not, I repeat. Do Not be ashamed of the trials and persecutions you are enduring, or embarrassed by the things you are going through, but rejoice in the afflictions because He has already made a way of escape. There is a savior who is true to His word. He didn’t leave you nor will he ever forsake you.
It’s not by your power nor by your might that you will overcome, but by His spirit!

Who do you trust?  

You cannot depend on man you must put your trust in God. Be fully persuaded knowing that your acquaintance with, knowledge of and perception of God, who you believe, trust and rely on… is able to guard and keep what He has entrusted you with and those things which you have committed unto Him until that day of revealing.

So hold on! Don’t be double-minded. Keep following the patterns of right thinking and speaking. Continue to adhere to sound teaching by filling your ears with faith.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God. Look intently, dig deep and study the scriptures that you may have your inner ear embedded with life and not death!
Have that full assurance deep within that no matter what, you Win!

Don’t let anything…Anything quench that inward witness of the Truth, that inner fire that has been entrusted to you! That is what will sustain you through the storms of life.

You have been sealed with the Holy Spirit to accomplish all you need until the day Jesus, your savior, comes for you.

Live strong, long and prosper.
Have Faith in God! Pursue your dreams!
May he strengthen you through His love and grace and cause His favor to shine upon you today.

Happy Planning!

Mari Benning

2 thoughts on “Don’t let go now, you’re too close…

  1. langelarroyo says:

    Thanks Mari for your Sharing your Gifts and Adding Value to My Life and Others
    May the Lord Expand Your Horizon, God Bless You and Your Family


    • Mari Benning says:

      Hey Angel! Wow, thank you for the kind words! I pray I continue to add value to you and others and look forward to your success in Unleashing Your Divine Design! Excited for you!!!


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