The Butterfly Effect

butterflyIf you desire change, you must endure the growing pains.

The emblem of a butterfly personifies the person you are to become after reading the book, “Unleash Your Divine Design”: free to follow your dreams and goals that God has aligned in your heart. The life of a butterfly signifies the process you go through on the journey to discovering purpose. Our journey in life can be compared to the metamorphosis a caterpillar must endure when morphing into a beautiful butterfly.  It is somewhat analogous. I have some comparisons below.

  1. Some species of butterflies can remain dormant in their egg stages and survive winters.  Eggs laid in the spring will hatch in the summer.  But if that butterfly comes out in the winter it would never survive.  As it is with us, if we get ahead of our season, we are susceptible to an early death, not physically per say, but our hope, dreams, drive, and motivation will die.  If we are honest, this has happened to our dreams on many occasions.  We got ahead of God.  We weren’t patient enough to stay in the chrysalis and wait out the winter season of our lives.
  2. Butterfly eggs are fixed to a leaf by special glue which hardens rapidly. As it hardens it contracts, deforming the shape of the egg. Oh how we can look distorted in our infancy stage. That is why you never despise small beginnings.  This glue is so hard that the silk pad, to which the chrysalis glued, cannot be separatedBecome one with God. Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God.
  3. Butterfly larvae, or caterpillars, consume plant leaves and spend practically all of their time in search of food.  When the larva is fully grown, hormones are produced. At this point the larva stops feeding and begins “wandering” in the quest of a suitable pupation site, often the underside of a leaf.  They spend their whole life foraging enough food to transform into the butterfly.  We must feed on the word of God daily and as we feed and grow we mature.  We must abide under the shadow and shelter of the Almighty and cling to Him as a chrysalis clings to the host plant.  Interestingly enough, the butterfly cannot use any plant as its host; there is only a specific kind of plant it must use.  We cannot substitute God for anything.
  4. Caterpillars mature through a series of stages called instars. This means that the larva sheds its skin and forms new skin at different stages, it also adjusts itself to fill in the new skin. As we go through our stages of growth, change and maturity, we will shed our old ways and operate in our new ways.
  5. Once the caterpillar attaches to the host leaf it begins to form the chrysalis.  The chrysalis is usually incapable of movement, although some species can rapidly move the abdominal segments or produce sounds to scare potential predators. Even in our most vulnerable state where we cannot move, we totally trust in God to protect us and keep us safe. God gives us weapons to defend us!
  6. Development of butterfly wing patterns begins by the last larval stage.  Even though it may look like nothing is happening on the outside, metamorphosis is taking place inside!  We are transforming into who God intended us to be! 
  7. Host plants often have toxic substances in them and caterpillars are able to use these substances and retain them into the adult stage for defense against predators throughout the life of the insect. This makes them unpleasant to birds and other predators. We have weapons we know not of.  God says put on the whole armor so we can stand in the evil day.  We have been given power and authority to tread on serpents and scorpions! 
  8. After it emerges from its pupal stage, a butterfly cannot fly until the wings are unfolded. A newly emerged butterfly needs to spend some time inflating its wings with its blood and let them dry. Wings or wing pads are not visible on the outside of the larva; wing disks are very small until the last larval stage, when they increase dramatically in size.  Near pupation, the wings are forced outside the epidermis under pressure.  Although your desire is to fly, you must wait until you are ready.  Just as a butterfly cannot fly with wet wings, neither can you soar until you have been released.  Your wings cannot come out until there has been some pressure. 

You can be sure of this, when your wings do appear, nothing, not even the pressures of life, will compare to your transformation in Christ; Him molding you into His image and likeness.  Many saw you go into the chrysalis one way (as a caterpillar) but you are coming out a new and different way (as a beautiful butterfly). You’ll better than before! You have now become the person you were destined to become!


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