Is Fear holding you back from pursuing your dream?

Don't let fear keep you from pursuing your dreams! Fear & Faith cannot share the same space. They are opposites.  You either believe in the positives and have hope in the good or you are believing the negatives and have hope in the bad.  Not that you are wishing for the bad things to come … Continue reading Is Fear holding you back from pursuing your dream?

Goal-setting: for a Mind-Blowing 2018!

Here are some things we must do to prepare ourselves for a Mind-Blowing 2018: o Get serious. Nothing will change if you don’t get serious and determined about your goals. Why sit here and die! Why do you need to change? Your “Why” must be strong enough to keep you following through. o Follow the … Continue reading Goal-setting: for a Mind-Blowing 2018!

Four reasons why people don’t set goals…

Four reasons why people don't set goals: They don't realize the importance of goals. If the people with whom you spend the most time — family, friends, colleagues, and so forth — are not clear and committed to goals, there is a chance that you will not be, either. They don't know how to set … Continue reading Four reasons why people don’t set goals…

The Butterfly Effect

If you desire change, you must endure the growing pains. The emblem of a butterfly personifies the person you are to become after reading the book, "Unleash Your Divine Design": free to follow your dreams and goals that God has aligned in your heart. The life of a butterfly signifies the process you go through … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect

Wow! End of Year #giveaway

Wow! End of Year #giveaway #UYDD2018 Share Tweet or Repost this for a chance to win "Unleash Your Divine Design" by Marysol Benning. Ends 12/25/2017 Bring in 2018 with a Bang! #goalsetting

Self-check: Are you showing symptoms of Discouragement?

Have you had a checkup lately?  Do you suffer from the disease called "Discouragement-itis"?  Time to find out.  The symptoms of Discouragement are; - Depression When you have no energy and don't look forward to the next day. You become lazy and don't have the will to do anything. Sometimes you oversleep to try and … Continue reading Self-check: Are you showing symptoms of Discouragement?

A sure-fire way to organize your day!

 How do you accomplish all that you need to accomplish? Get organized! Here's a sure-fire way to organize your day! Make a list of your daily "To Do's" the night before.  If you don't make a list of things you must do, you will forget to do the things you really need to do. Don't believe … Continue reading A sure-fire way to organize your day!


Do you understand the power of the words that are coming out of your mouth? Do you realize what you are saying? Your words have the power to unleash good or bad, the power to build up or tear down, the power of death or life, the power of encouragement or defeat. Etc, etc, etc. … Continue reading UNLEASH Your POWER!

When, Lord, when?! We get so caught up…Read more…

We are not enjoying life because we are running to catch the Rabbit in the race. Those moments when you can't catch the Rabbit can cause frustration, loss, depression, a sense of worthlessness, a sense of an unaccomplishment, feeling like you are not doing enough at this present time. These thoughts cause a chain reaction and our feelings or emotions now become affected. This can also cause an overload in our brain which depletes our energy because we're focusing on negative things now instead of positive ones. We've lost our vision, we've lost our way and we need to refocus.