Goal-setting: for a Mind-Blowing 2018!

Here are some things we must do to prepare ourselves for a Mind-Blowing 2018: o Get serious. Nothing will change if you don’t get serious and determined about your goals. Why sit here and die! Why do you need to change? Your “Why” must be strong enough to keep you following through. o Follow the … Continue reading Goal-setting: for a Mind-Blowing 2018!

A sure-fire way to organize your day!

 How do you accomplish all that you need to accomplish? Get organized! Here's a sure-fire way to organize your day! Make a list of your daily "To Do's" the night before.  If you don't make a list of things you must do, you will forget to do the things you really need to do. Don't believe … Continue reading A sure-fire way to organize your day!